Landscape Design for Contractors

Landscape Design for ContractorsLandscape Plans for Contractor

BareRoot Designs offers both residential and commercial landscape plans for contractors and landscape contractors.Asheville Landscape Design

Above all, we can save you time and money by becoming your sub-contracted landscape design team.

Your Design Team & Sales Force

With over 10 years of industry experience, we've worked with landscape contractor teams of all sizes and specialities. Therefore, we are experienced to handle all levels of design as well as project oversight. We can provide custom fire pit design, custom water feature design, garden design, hardscape design, deck design, landscape design, patio design, pool landscaping, and project management.

As the economy continues to pick up speed, many landscape contractors may feel the pressure to hire designers but hesitate to hire new employees. BareRoot Designs offers a solution with a fresh and innovative approach: Marketing landscape design and sales services directly to landscape contractors.

Our process is designed for easy integration into a typical landscape company’s bid/sell process. Using striking landscape design presentations and confident design decisions, BareRoot Designs aims to become an extension of the landscape companies they represent, integrating the design and sales process seamlessly into the contractor’s existing bid process. Additionally, BareRoot Designs strives to develop close working relationships - equaling those developed by an in-house design/sales team - with the contractors and staff.

We design and sell.

So, if you're looking to grow your business, increase your sales, or just need help with your overflow design work, BareRoot Designs can help.

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